Regrettably it is not possible for us to translate our entire website into English. Below you will find a brief guide to using the website and a brief presentation of Tegnerforbundet af 1919.

Illustrators and Tegnerforbundet af 1919 (Illustrators’ Association of 1919)

An illustrator is a broad term. Further to creating drawings and illustrations for various purposes, an illustrator’s skills can be used by schools, companies and unions – be it as a guest teacher, an organizer of workshops, house artist, lecturer, etc.

As members of The Illustrators’ Association of 1919, you will find all kinds of artists: Illustrators of books and magazines, posters and PR material, caricature and courtroom illustrators as well as masters of all kinds of medical and technical illustrations.

Under the category Find en tegner (Find an Illustrator) our members are listed and presented. Press the name of one of our members to see his or her presentation.

Under the category Bliv medlem (Apply for Membership) you can download an application form. The annual subscription fee is 1400 DKK. For Danish tax payers this is deductible.

Under Om foreningen (About the Association) read about us, our purpose, many activities and cooperation with other fora for illustrators, cartoonists and the like. You can scroll through the history of our 100 years old association.

Under the term Netværk (Network) you will find a list of the Danish and International organizations where we are members, among which you will find both a Nordic and a major European association.

Under Kontakt (Contact) you will find the board members and their contact informations.

Pencil by Henriette Wiberg Danielsen