Retrospektiv udstilling og boglancering

Heather Spears har bedt os om at viderebringe hendes invitation til retrospektiv udstilling og boglancering i Rungsted.

Heather skriver:

Here is an invititation to my “Retrospective” exhibition March 8 – drawings chosen from different obsessive themes and made over a long life. The show is combined with the launch of a new, inexpensive edition of my book “The Creative Eye: drawing, vision and the brain” as a  how-to-draw manual, now intended for artists and instructors as well as readers, to be found on bookshelves, in libraries and art schools as well as on line. Brian Raymond, Director of Creative Art Courses in Manchester, will attend: he describes  his initial reaction to the book, which he now teaches.
The Creative Eye  still explores the very act of sight, and how new brain research can explain both how we see and how we draw; and step by step practical exercises lead to new, exciting work and new understanding.
The show opens with refreshments, a festive launch is planned for about 2 PM. “My Beautiful Gallery” is the old Rungsted station, just  step down from the train.
Please come!
My Beautiful Gallery
Østre Stationsvej 6
8. marts kl 12:30 – 17:00


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