Er der nogen, der vil udstille i Holland?

Ind imellem får vi henvendelser fra folk og organisationer med forskellige tilbud til Tegnerforbundets medlemmer. Nu har hollandske Huntenkunst skrevet til os – måske er der en af jer, der er interesseret i at kaste sig ud i det hollandske kunstmarked?


Huntenkunst is the international art event of contemporary visual art – a mixture of exhibition and fair. The artists present their work themselves in their own unit. On 25th, 26th and 26th of May Huntenkunst takes place at the SSP Hal in Ulft (the Netherlands) and its 26th anniversary.

In 1993 the event took place for the very first time. It started off in the hamlet of Veldhunten and over the years has grown into an important art event that receives worldwide attention. Last year’s Huntenkunst has been very successful. About 220 artists from thirty countries participated. We got very positive response from both the audience and the participating artists.

Every year a country is the theme of Huntenkunst. In 1999 artists from Danmark were highlighed, last year from Luxembourg and in 2018 from Romania.

We have a very big hall at our disposal in Ulft. It is a national heritage site known as SSP Hal. Annually the event attracts many visitors. The organisation wants to offer a platform to artists. They will have the opportunity to meet visitors.

Taking part in Huntenkunst is possible after being selected. Before 1 November interested artists can send a CD or usb stick with photos of their work and with a biography to:
Selection committee Huntenkunst, Dierenriem 11, NL-7071 TJ, Ulft i

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Fra Huntenkunst 2017: Et værk af Gerardo Feldstein